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Is Cane Corso the Right Breed for You?

Have you finally decided to get a dog? Choosing a particular breed is the first step. This is a very important decision, and certainly, the only key factor should not be the visual aspect or dog’s attractiveness. Each dog breed has a different character, diverse responses and different demand on the amount of movement or space. For ideal cohabitation, it is necessary that your lifestyle corresponds with the dog’s character.

Cane Corso is a beautiful dog that attracts attention. It is one of the youngest breeds, originated in the second half of the 20th century in Italy. The World Canine Organization (FCI) recognised this breed just in 2007. Since then, Cane Corso’s popularity has grown constantly. In recent years, it has been among the most represented breeds on dog shows.

It is an active versatile breed that is used as a guardian to protect its owner and his family and property. After all, it is included in its name – Cane Corso is most often translated as “a guard dog” (a longer, more literal translation is “a dog guarding a closed yard”). It is a very intelligent dog that can be also used as a rescue worker, a defender or a tracker.

Distinctive attributes for this breed are loyalty, obedience, strength, endurance and courage. It does not need any special training for guarding because it is encoded in its genes. The dog will only step in when he feels threatened or his owner, his family and property are in danger. Otherwise, he behaves calmly to strangers. Initially he is alert, but as soon as he knows that his owner is not in danger, he starts to behave friendly.

The Cane Corso dog is very friendly and affectionate to his family that he loves. He is very faithful and loves to cuddle. He needs regular contact with his family, so you cannot leave him alone for too long because he is very social. He has a great relationship with children and becomes their protector. At the same time, he is very tolerant of their plays and loud expressions. He gets on well with other domestic animals if you have one. The best option is to bring them together when they are still young.

The dogs of this breed are intelligent and need a lot of exercise, activity and attention. Sufficient amount of movement is crucial. The best option for them is to go for a walk regularly and run in the garden while staying at home. Therefore, a house with a large garden represents optimal conditions for breeding. Due to the need for sufficient movement, breeding in an apartment represents a considerable limitation. If they have to sleep in a dog-kennel outside your house, it is necessary that the kennel is at least well insulated, but preferably heated, with a separate hall and bedroom. It is also advisable to place a roofed terrace in front of the kennel.

If you are able to offer the dog a suitable environment and sufficient amount of attention and activity, Cane Corso is the right breed for you. You will be rewarded with a beautiful, faithful dog, who will devoutly love you and your whole family.

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