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Dog breeding on a professional level must be a matter of the heart. It can’t be done without affection, however affection alone is not enough. You also need to have deep knowledge, e.g. in genetics, to ensure the ideal hereditary predispositions for healthy puppies. The Korec Corso Kennel ensures this thanks to its owners – Evžen Korec and Jana Korcová.

Evžen Korec MSc., PhD. graduated in genetics and he is a co-author of 11 patents in the field of molecular biology and genetics. He also published several tens of articles in the world’s most prestigious journals. His most significant articles are available on PubMed website.

He studied Molecular Biology and Genetics at the Faculty of Sciences at the Charles University. He graduated with Honours in 1981 and dedicated the next eleven years to scientific activities.

Korec Corso certifikát

Internationally protected kennel

He gained experience not only at the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences (nowadays known as the Czech Academy of Sciences), but also at universities in London, Göttingen (Germany) and the Pasteur Institute in Paris.

With his scientific background, Evžen Korec pays attention not only to the perfect appearance of the dog, but also to his genetic predispositions. He evaluates the results of hip dysplasia screening, as well as of elbow dysplasia screening which is not mandatory for breeding.

Koleta Atison, which is the founder of Korec Corso kennel, became the most successful Czech Cane Corso bitch in dog shows in 2015 – 2018. Her son is Aristocrat Korec Corso, top stud dog, who achieved the title of International Champion (C.I.E.), champion of 3 countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria), Czech and Slovak Grand Champion, Champion of CMKU, Best Junior at Specialties World Dog Show Amsterdam 2018, Alpensieger, Czech Junior Champion.

Even though successful breeding should be based on deep knowledge of the subject, it can’t be done without love for dogs and for animals in general. Love is the driving force of the Korec Corso Kennel. For Evžen Korec, who is also the owner and director of ZOO Tábor, the animal care is his life’s mission.

Our kennel was also noticed by local television „Jihočeská televize“.
You can watch one of the episode about Cane Corso dog breed in their show called „Čtyři tlapky“ (Four Paws) of Korec Corso’s point of view.

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