Character of the cane corso

The dogs of Cane Corso breed are courageous and they are loyal protectors of their owners. They are considered ideal guards of property, family and domestic animals. In the past, they were often used for protecting the herds or hunting for big game. They are really good protectors and these instincts are deeply rooted in their character. They can also be used as trackers or in rescue teams. Cane Corso is suitable for families with children and other animals in the household. They are very loyal and friendly.

The utilization of Cane Corso is quite versatile so we cannot compare them with other breeds created for specific purposes. However, it is precisely their versatility what is considered their main advantage. They are very helpful and can be trained for a variety of purposes.

Cane Corso´s nature is friendly, calm and well-balanced. It is a very social dog and requires a close bond with its family. He is usually indifferent or reserved to strangers but he is not aggressive towards other people. Cane Corso is very intelligent and enjoys training.


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