About the breed

The Cane Corso is a medium-large dog, with a short coat and a firm, muscular body. Its athletic and elegant form gives him a noble and impressive look and creates the impression of a larger dog than it really is.

Males stand 64-68 cm at the withers and they weight from 45 to 50 kilos. Females stand 60-64 cm at the withers and the weight ranges from 40 to 45 kilos. Two-centimetre deflection of the height of dogs and bitches is within tolerance. Until recently ear-cropping and tail-docking was widely practiced, but nowadays it is forbidden in most countries.

Colour of the Cane Corso coat can vary: black, lead-grey, slate-grey, light grey, light fawn; dark fawn and stag red; dark wheat colour or streaked (stripes of different shades of fawn or grey). In good breeding conditions dogs can live up to the age of 10 years or more.


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