Litter A

* 13. 2. 2017


In February, we celebrated the birth of the first young of our kennel Korec Corso. It was achieved through the first successful insemination of frozen sperm in Cane Corso in the Czech Republic. The successful insemination was carried out by leading experts MVDr. Roman Vitásek, Ph.D. (University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Brno) and MVDr. Petra Přinosilová, Ph.D. (Veterinary Research Institute in Brno).

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SIRE (FATHER) – Hulk Hogan dell’Impero Maya Origin

Reserve World Champion, Milano 2015, Italian Champion, San Marino Champion, HD-A ED-0


DAM (MOTHER) – Koleta Atison Origin

International Champion of Beauty (C.I.B.), Open class winner at the European Dog Show in Brno in 2014, Czech Grand Champion, Czech Champion, Slovak Champion of Beauty, Polish Champion, ČMKU Champion, HD-A




Aristocrat Korec Corso

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