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For an efficient and correct DNA isolation and further analysis, it is necessary to take a smear of oral mucosa properly. It is very important for the DNA analysis to collect a sufficient specimen (cells) for a DNA isolation. Therefore please pay attention to the procedure below.


1. Do not feed your dog (or provide any treats) for at least 60 minutes before collecting the buccal smear.

2. Wash your hands before the procedure.

3. Avoid any contamination of the cotton swab with other material but the oral mucosa during the sampling.

4. Place the cotton swab (see the picture below) in dog’s mouth and wipe the oral mucosa (inside of a cheek) and gums back and forth (like brushing teeth), roll the swab at the same time to use the whole cotton area. To collect the buccal swab sample successfully, it is necessary to put pressure with a cotton swab on a mucosa. Please, collect the samples on 5 cotton swabs.


5. Place the cotton swab in a closable bag (zip plastic bag, see picture below) after the sample collection. Make sure that the plastic bag is closed tightly. Place the plastic bag into an envelope and send as soon as possible. Keep the sample at room temperature, don’t freeze or cool it.

You can find further information about the DNA sample collection in the following video:

Please, send the buccal swabs to address ZOO Tábor, Dukelských hrdinů 19, 170 00 Prague 7, Czech Republic.

Thank you!

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