Longevity research


Longevity research


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One of the goals of our kennel Korec Corso is research programme focusing on genetics and longevity of the Cane Corso dog breed. Our aim is to prolong the average age of this breed by appropriate crossing. The research team is led by the owner of the kennel Korec Corso, Evžen Korec, MSc., Ph.D.

We isolate the DNA from the cells obtained from the mouth of each dog (a buccal swap). The DNA sample allows us to analyse the genes responsible for longevity.

It is easy to participate actively in our research by sharing the information about your long-lived Cane Corso dogs (older than 12 years):

  1. Complete a short questionnaire.
  2. Take the sample from the oral cavity of your dog using a cotton stick. Don’t worry, it’s easy. HERE you can find exact instructions.

All delivery costs are covered by us!


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More information about the research can be found HERE.


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