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Are you interested in puppies from kennel Korec Corso?

Our kennel offers a top quality puppies from the mating of Aristocrat Korec Corso and Bára Korec CorsoAvailable puppies in July 2020.

Aristocrat Korec Corso (HD A, ED 0) – International Champion (C.I.E.), champion of 3 countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria), Czech and Slovak Grand Champion, Champion of CMKU, Best Junior at Specialties World Dog Show Amsterdam 2018, Alpensieger, Czech Junior Champion, Club winner, Club Grand Champion, Club Champion

Bára Korec Corso (HD A, ED 0) – Austrian Junior Champion, Slovak Junior Champion

The deciding factor for us is not the selling price, but the excellent breeding conditions, qualification of future owners and their willingness to participate in exhibitions.

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