Our kennel won IDS in austrian Graz

Our kennel attended the International Dog Show in Austrian Graz on Sunday 10.3.2019. Bojan Matakovic from Croatia was delegated to be the judge for Cane Corso dog breed.

Borgie Korec Corso won the Intermediate Class with Excellent 1 and was awarded by title CACA. She also won in the competition with the winners of  individual classes, thereby she became a best adult bitch and achieved title CACIB. After that, Borgie also won the competition between the best adult dog and the best junior, therefore she achieved title Best of Breed. Borgie was excellently shown by handler Bára Bláhová.

Aristocrat entered Champion Class for the first time, where he won with Excellent 1 and got the title CACA. Aristocrat was excellently shown by handler Lucie Mikysková.

Boy Korec Corso entered the Intermediate Class, where he achieved Excellent 2 and was awarded by title Res. CACA. Because title CACIB was achieved also by a dog from Intermediate Class, he attended the competition for title Res. CACIB  between the winner of the Open Class and the winner of the Champion Class. Boy won this competition and Croatian judge Bojan Matakovic awarded him by title Res. CACIB. Boy was excellently shown by handler Bára Bláhová.

Brutus Korec Corso was shown by his owner Jana Pevná in the Junior Class, which he won with Excellent 1 and achieved title Best of Junior (BOJ). He won this title for the third time, therefore he became a new Austrian Junior Champion.


Winners of IDS Graz 10.3. 2019. From the right Borgie Korec Corso – CAC, CACIB, BOB with handler Bára Bláhová, judge Bojan Matakovic (HRV) and Brutus Korec Corso – BOJ with owner Mgr. Jana Pevná.

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