Brutus Korec Corso won National Dog Show in Brno

On January 13, 2019, a National Dog Show was held in Brno. The delegated judge was Edita Jelinková-Hrdličková, MSc., MBA. Brutus won the Junior class with Excellent 1 and achieved the CAJC title. In the competition for the best junior individual, he also won the title  BOJ.

He competed with the best adult dog and the best adult bitch for the title Best of Breed (BOB). He also won this competition and won the prestigious title BOB at the age only 16 months.

Brutus won the third CAJC title and fulfilled the conditions for winning the title Czech Junior Champion.

Winner of the National Dog Show in Brno Brutus Korec Corso with breeder Evžen Korec and owner Jana Pevná

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