Borgie Korec Corso achieved the Slovak Beauty Champion title

On Friday 24th January, the International Dog Show was held in Nitra in Slovakia. The show was very strongly competitive. In total, 33 dogs and bitches of cane corso breed from 6 countries (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Serbia and Hungary) were registered. Tibor Havelka from Slovakia was delegated to be the judge of the cane corso breed.

Borgie Korec Corso was shown in the open class with Excellent 1 and achieved the CAC title. In the following competition between the winning bitches of the adult classes, Borgie achieved the Res. CACIB title. Borgie fulfilled the conditions for the Slovak Beauty Champion title and she was awarded with this title. The Slovak Beauty Champion title is very difficult to achieve, this title obtained only the top dogs and bitches, because there is always very strong competition of dogs and bitches from Poland, Russia and the other eastern countries on the Slovak dog shows. On the Slovak dog shows is possible to register dogs also with cropped ears in this time.

On the following day, Saturday 25th January, next International Dog Show was held in Nitra. The show was even more strongly competitive. In total, 43 dogs from 7 countries (same as previous day + Germany) were registered.

Brittany Korec Corso won the open class with Excellent 1 and achieved the CAC title. The evidence for the strong competition is the fact, that Vance from Russia, the European winner of 2017, took the second place in the open class and achieved the Res. CAC title.

Borgie was not showed on Saturday.


IDS Nitra, 24.1.2020 – very strong competition – Borgie Korec Corso – Open class – Exc. 1, CAC, Res. CACIB – NEW SLOVAK CHAMPION with the judge Tibor Havelka and with handler Bára Bláhová.

IDS Nitra 25.1.2020 – very strong competition, Brittany Korec Corso – Open class – Exc. 1, CAC with handler Bára Bláhová.

Slovak Beauty Champion title.

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