Aristocrat Korec Corso the best adult dog at IDS in Kassel (Germany)

Aristocrat Korec Corso was presented at the International Dog Show in Kassel, December 9, 2018. The breed Cane Corso was judged by Jürgen Sauer from Germany. Aristocrat won the intermediate class with  Excellent 1, was awarded CAC VDH title and the title CACIB. Aristocrat was awarded the CAC VDH title for the third time, and for the title of the German Champion, he misses 2 CAC titles while fulfilling the conditions for obtaining the first and last CAC VDH within a minimum of one year. Aristocrat was awarded CACIB for the fifth time in three countries – the Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany. To award the highest title that the FCI may award (the Interchampion), he only misses 1 CACIB title while fulfilling a condition of a minimum of one year between the first and the last CACIB title.

Borgie Korec Corso achieved Excellent 2 in the junior class and was awarded the title Res. CAJC VDH.

IDS Kassel 9.12. 2018. Aristocrat Korec Corso – Excellent 1, CAC VDH, CACIB with handler Lucie Mikysková and judge Jürgen Sauer.

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